Terms & Conditions

Toy Swap Terms & Conditions will make it easy on you. Instead on stocking toys and then throwing them in order to get a new one you will swap or give your unused toys. Where the kids start taking responsibility regarding their toys and engage together.Toy Swap provides its Users, Whatever the age or the type of toy the right environment to swap, get or give by helping to fulfill their exact specifications and demands. Our application focuses on providing our users the suitable environment as for age and sex. We offer our user the Simplicity as an easy swap through facilities. Our application provides a GPS locator in order to help our customer locate each other easily

We aim to make difference and find a solution to reduce the pollution (about 40 million toys are thrown away each year), raise awareness and educate kids the concept of value.  Our goal is to be the change of the mentality about the unused toys by spreading the idea of giving the toys a second chance to draw a smile on children faces.